Steeple Chase of Charleston

Steeplechase of Charleston returns on November 17th with the same production team that executed a top- quality event in 2018 and is now powered with the media muscle of the new owners, The Post and Courier.  All plans for 2019 speak to more excitement, broader marketing and an estimated crowd size of 6,000 + guests.


As part of the new vision by The Post and Courier, all food vendors will operate under white high-profile tents that surround the historic Stono Ferry Oak in the center of the infield.  Your vendor fee includes the tent, tables, chairs and signage provided by the event to create an upscale impact for our guests.  A prep space with tables, electricity and ice will also be provided.  If you wish to prep out of your own food truck, you may park it in a designated area about 100 yards away (weather permitting). In return we ask that you pay a modest vendor fee of $200 and provide lunch for 10 volunteers.

Steeple Chase of Charleston

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    Due to challenges on the infield turf, no large food trucks will be allowed to drive into the vendor village area.  If the field is dry, food trucks will be allowed to park on high ground in the infield parking area about 100 yards away from the vendor village.


    You will be responsible for providing your own linens and removing all trash/grease at the end of the day. No hardwired power is available and the internet is a bit spotty. Vendors should bring their own “hotspot” - mobile phone. There will be an ATM on location.


    *On the festival website:, scroll down and find the site map.  The site map indicates the general location for food vendors and exhibitors.  Upon arrival a volunteer will help position you. 


    Vendors arriving after 9am on the 17th will encounter heavy traffic so plan accordingly.


    You should be able to provide proof of insurance and comply with DHEC food safety requirements if an inspector tours our venue.  


    For additional information contact:

    Denise Boles

    Gosnell and Company



    Sunday, November 17, 2019

    Stono Ferry                            

    5000 Old York Course Road

    Hollywood, SC

    9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Questions? Contact Denise Boles • denise@gosnellandcompany.com843-727-5901